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Bar Leuv started from a passion for food and coffee.

We were sure about one thing.
“Waffles with eggs and bacon” was our starting point!

Without any experience, but with full motivation and desire, we began our adventure.

We surrounded ourselves with very talented people, and we are so grateful because they are the reason where we stand now.

Not only do we have waffles with eggs and bacon, but a number of other dishes have enriched our concept.

We want to make people happy. That’s our purpose.

And yes, appearances do matter!
From beautifully decorated plates, to a hip interior. 
From the jungle to Manhattan.

Bar Leuv is love.

We found the perfect location on Parijsstraat. Parallel to the Old Market. With the Saturday Market around the corner. And Groot Begijnhof a little bit further.

Bar Leuv is Leuven.


Bar Leuv

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